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Measures of Vocational Proficiencies (MVPs)

  • Career and community colleges are working to increase job placement rates.
  • Wonderlic knows the competencies that employers value most.
  • Career services advisors can now leverage our knowledge to help their graduates identify and secure gainful employment.


What are MVPs?

Wonderlic's Measures of Vocational Proficiencies (MVPs) are professionally developed assessments that evaluate graduates’ mastery of the competencies that employers value most in new employees.  MVPs are program/job-specific, employer-rated and easy to administer, score and interpret.  Unlike other career guidance tools, MVPs provide a direct link between candidate capabilities and specific job requirements.

MVPs are currently available for the following career education programs:

  • Allied Health:
    • EKG Tech
    • Medical Assistant
    • Medical Billing & Coding
    • Medical Office Assistant
    • Medical Transcription
    • Nursing Assistant
    • Phlebotomy
    • Patient Care Tech
  • Criminal Justice:
    • Corrections
    • Law Enforcement
    • Security
  • Coming Soon:
    • Business

MVPs & Badges

MVPs are easy-to-use assessments that career services and job placement professionals can offer as an optional, value-added placement service.  Students who complete an online MVP may share results with employers at their sole discretion.  MVPs are untimed, but typically take one hour to complete.  They can be implemented at most institutions in less than one business day. Wonderlic provides MVP administrator training and support.

Digital badges have emerged as a key resource to help graduates compete for jobs. Career service advisors can help graduates market themselves more effectively with “real world” evidence of job qualifications. Individuals that complete an MVP can earn badges for demonstrating mastery. Badges can be added to resumes, included on LinkedIn profiles and used on other job search outlets.

MVPs and digital badges are intended to help your graduates:

  1. Identify “best fit” employment opportunities
  2. Prepare for job interviews, compete for skilled jobs and secure gainful employment
  3. Repay their student debt

Why Wonderlic?

Thousands of career educators and employers rely on Wonderlic assessments to make the best candidate selection and placement decisions. Many of these organizations contribute to our efforts to build MVPs that align educational outcomes with employer expectations. Our blend of educator/employer relationships, assessment expertise and experience addressing school-to-work challenges makes Wonderlic uniquely capable of delivering MVPs.

  • Wonderlic tests millions of job applicants and students each year 
  • Wonderlic tests job applicants from almost every industry including:
    • Healthcare
    • Criminal Justice
    • Education
    • Financial Services
    • Telecommunications
    • Accounting
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Government
    • And many more…