Highly motivated students are more likely to persist to graduation, secure gainful employment and repay student debt.  Alternatively, students with lower motivation can benefit from targeted interventions to increase engagement and academic success. 

The Student Motivation Potential Assessment (SMPA) provides a detailed student profile that equips your faculty and staff with insights to nurture students, thereby improving retention, completion and, ultimately, job placement.

Wonderlic’s Student Motivation Potential Assessment evaluates core motivational drivers that collectively predict the extent to which a student will succeed in a specific job training program and secure gainful employment in their field of study. When combined, these drivers form a holistic student profile.

The Wonderlic research team is in its final stages of a research validation study for the SMPA. We’re looking for interested schools to participate in these final stages. Participants may be eligible to receive:

  • Free assessments (during and after the study)
  • Free State of Student Engagement Report for your institution – an in-depth data analysis of current students engagement (with recommendations for improvement)
  • Free professional development and consulting for student support services

Click here to participate in the research study. 

Motivated students are more engaged. Click here to download the student engagement ebook drawing upon Wonderlic’s nationwide research study with over 4,000 students.