Many institutions have determined that standardized assessments do not sufficiently reflect the unique curricula, programming and syllabi of their programs.

Curriculum-Based Assessments (CBA) solve the course placement challenge for these institutions by aligning course placement assessment content with institution-specific curricula.

CBA includes a scientific development process with a review of relevant curricula information, faculty collaboration, student norms development, and ongoing monitoring and analysis, with each step of the process being data-driven and managed by our team of expert psychometricians.

We also include the option to utilize additional non-cognitive assessments in the enrollment process. These assessments include motivation/grit, biodata, computer literacy assessments, and fully customizable items.



Faculty Collaboration:
Faculty involvement is critical to the test construction process. With direct, firsthand knowledge of course requirements and student performance, faculty provide invaluable insight into the important academic content areas, course enrollment prerequisite skill levels, and expected skills attainment upon successful course completion.


Placement and Diagnostic Reports:
Assessment results have value beyond course placement. The CBA process maximizes the information obtained during assessment and provides placement and diagnostic reports for individual students, as well as cohorts.


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