Wonderlic’s knowledge and skills tests help quickly and accurately evaluate the math, English and office software abilities of your students. Combine skills testing with non-cognitive measures to get the whole student picture. Admit and retain more students using detailed diagnostics, individualized remediation, and targeted student support/intervention.

  • Ensure accurate placement – decades of data, millions of test takers, a team of statisticians and psychometricians provide historic and ongoing insights to monitor placement accuracy
  • Improve academic achievement – detailed, personalized diagnostics ensure that faculty, staff and students have a roadmap to success from day one in the classroom
  • Engage and retain students – pair with non-cognitive measures to place and support students holistically

Custom Course Placement 
Curriculum-Based Assessments are used to place students according to the unique content within your program.

Standardized course placement
Decades of validity and reliability documentation provide the data you need to place students accurately.