Most schools have heard the message, and they want to provide better evidence of their students’ soft skills proficiency to employers.  But many still lack a comprehensive soft skills training component in their career education program. That’s why we developed the Wonderlic Soft Skills Bootcamp. 

The Bootcamp is comprised of eight instructional units and eight corresponding assessment modules. The instructional units are interactive, incorporate a variety of media, and include scenarios common to the daily workplace. Students can complete the instructional units at their own pace, and when they are ready to test their mastery, they simply take the associated assessment modules for the opportunity to earn Wonderlic-certified digital badges that prove to employers they have the soft skills competencies necessary to excel in the workplace. 

Wonderlic’s Soft Skills Bootcamp is a turnkey solution that helps schools quickly and expertly ramp up their training, evaluation, and credentialing needs in the increasingly-critical soft skills discipline.

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