Many students come to your institution with previous learning and work experiences. They will be more engaged and more likely to complete your programs when awarded credit for prior learning. Schools that offer credit through prior learning assessment (PLA) have a major 

recruiting advantage.

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But, PLAs must exhibit proven test validity and reliability. Wonderlic PLAs can help validate the learning that has occurred outside of your classrooms quickly and accurately.

Our tests have been thoroughly vetted by industry leaders and undergo a series of pilot tests to help ensure your PLA will meet or exceed relevant validity and reliability standards.

Most instructors do not have sufficient time, resources or expertise to develop the assessment quality needed to pass accrediting standards.

Our team of full-time experts are dedicated to building assessments that meet and exceed the requirements of any stakeholder.


  • Customized prior learning assessments: 
    • Complete and accurate reflection of your curriculum
    • Relevant validation research designed to meet the standards 
      of accrediting agencies and governing bodies
  • Standardized prior learning assessments:
    • Industry-vetted to reflect the demands of employers
    • Relevant validation research designed to meet the standards
      of accrediting agencies and governing bodies

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