Wonderlic Direct Assessments of Learning Outcomes (DALO) are highly effective and efficient tools to evaluate student course and program mastery within Competency-Based Learning (CBL) programs.

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The Department of Education requires direct assessment for measuring student learning in CBL programs. Additionally, accrediting agencies maintain strict standards for direct assessment. Internally-developed assessments often fall short of these rigorous standards
and requirements.

Wonderlic DALO is proven to be a rigorous measure of student competency.

Wonderlic DALO is:

  • Validated and relevant
  • Aligned to the needs of the employers
  • Customized to reflect the unique content, sequence and needs of your program
  • Easy to administer and automated scoring
  • Test students at any point during their course or program to remediate and improve retention 

Wonderlic has a team of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists and Research Scientists who thoroughly test and evaluate each assessment.

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Customized Direct Assessments:

  • Send us your program’s learning objectives and we’ll build DALO that measures the competencies your students need to master.

Standardized Direct Assessments:

  • Wonderlic DALO is effective, fast and trusted for measuring student mastery in competency-based programs.
  • Our existing DALO modules can be configured to assess your students at any point in their program.

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