Your mission is to reduce barriers to employment by helping individuals improve literacy skills. Unparalleled experience with employers and educators gives Wonderlic a unique and invaluable perspective to help you achieve that mission.

The Wonderlic General Assessment of Instructional Needs (GAIN)® leads the industry in:

  • Effectiveness
  • Speed
  • Ease of administration
  • Approved by the Department of Labor for WIA Youth Workforce Programs

GAIN improves student outcomes and reduces administrative burdens for WIA programs across the nation.

Clients that have switched from other assessments have experienced the following changes:

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved student motivation
  • Higher retention and graduation rates
  • More efficient administration
  • Faster time to GED completion

Help your students obtain their GED so they can confidently enter post-secondary education and obtain better employment.


GAIN is comprised of:

  • 45-minute literacy skills test and a 45-minute math skills test – shorter testing time is better for students
  • Can be administered separately or together
  • Suitable for both youth and adult learners
  • Measure National Reporting System EFLs
  • Single form administration - no locator required
  • Simple administration – no out of range results and decreased 
    test administrations
  • Flexible administration – paper-and-pencil or online

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