Accrediting agencies, future and current students, employers and other stakeholders need to know that your graduates have mastered the content necessary to excel on the job.

Wonderlic Assessments help accurately and efficiently measure students’ course and program mastery for career education.

Proven, innovative tools to measure your students’ knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Basic math and verbal skills assessments measure student progress and improve remediation
  • Career-specific assessments with employer weighted scoring impress employers and attract students
  • Interactive questions engage and motivate students as never before

Adult and Youth Basic Education Programs:
The most efficient, accurate National Reporting System
(NRS)-approved assessment.

Competency-Based Programs:
Assessment is the foundation of competency-based learning (CBL). Our assessments help you launch a new program or validate learning in your existing CBL programs.

Credit-Hour Programs:
Learn how our solutions help you improve program quality and demonstrate program effectiveness.

Certification Exam Preparation:  
Help ensure that students will make the grade with our predictors of certification pass rates.