Are your students being placed in the most appropriate career and developmental education programs? Wonderlic basic and advanced skills tests identify math and English skills levels and provide individualized prescriptions for remedial learning. 

With results and scoring aligned to Occupational Information Network (O*Net) employability levels, you can be confident that your students will be successful at your institution AND on the job.

Solutions for:

  • Admissions Risk: Provide insights that will enable you to detect red flags early so you can help students persist to graduation.

  • Basic Math and English Skills: Measure students’ basic verbal and math skills based upon job requirements. Results can be directly compared to the skills required for entry-level jobs.
  • Advanced Math & English Skills: Ideal for colleges with online classes, schools with ESL students, and institutions offering Associates and Bachelor degree programs. Results indicate that students are Below College-Ready, College-Ready or Bachelor’s Degree-Equivalent. Detailed diagnostics help you understand what classes they are ready for and exactly what remedial training is needed, if any.

  • Computer Literacy: Verify a student’s familiarity with relevant software, as well as their general office skills, to determine if additional support is needed to ensure their successful completion of your program.