Help ensure that your applicants can complete the programs and that you provide the right level of support to students who need it the most.

Our admissions, placement and screening tests will show you which students are likely to succeed and help you allocate resources to students who need extra help from the start of their enrollment. The data from our tools will help improve your retention and
graduation rates.

We have ongoing, meaningful engagement with the types of employers that hire your graduates. We know what employers need. We know how to help you place students in the programs with best fit for
each individual.

General Admissions:

  • Measure cognitive ability
  • Identify non-cognitive risk factors
  • Measure students’ ability to learn, adapt, solve problems and understand instructions
  • Predict students’ likelihood of completing your program
  • Predict students’ academic success

Student Placement:

  • Measure basic math and English skills
  • Measure writing ability and computer proficiency
  • Placement for advanced courses, remedial programs and everything in between


  • Evaluate incoming students for program eligibility

Prior Learning Assessments

  • Awarding credit for previous learning experiences