By using third party, confidential surveys to identify a person’s level of satisfaction and specific likes and dislikes, you can quickly uncover areas for potential improvement. Taking action based on feedback received from individuals whose opinions impact your bottom line can boost employee and customer retention and satisfaction, ultimately benefitting your bottom line.

Employee surveys provide a comprehensive approach to determining and understanding employee opinions and perceptions that can impact business performance and culture. Relied on by employers of all sizes, Wonderlic employee engagement surveys provide the feedback necessary to achieve continuous individual and organizational improvement.

Customer satisfaction surveys measure client satisfaction as it relates to a variety of experiences with your company. This feedback also provides focus for your organization as well as validation to support business decisions.

Survey NameDescription
New Hire Survey


  • Used to understand and proactively address issues that impact employee turnover in the first 90 days of employment
Employee Opinion Survey


  • Helps employers to better understand the opinions and attitudes of current employees that effect their overall satisfaction and engagement
360° Review


  • Gathers feedback from an employee’s supervisors, peers, direct reports, vendors and customers
  • Identify strengths and improvement opportunities
Exit Interview


  • Used to better understand the opinions and attitudes of departing employees