The typical interview process is unstructured. This means that candidates are asked different questions; answers are not recorded in a formal way, and their responses aren’t scored. In fact, different interviewers often have different impressions of each candidate.

As a result, unstructured interviews:

  • Are less likely to gather job-related information necessary to make wise hiring decisions
  • Make it difficult to objectively compare and contrast candidate qualifications
  • Are more difficult to document
  • Are less legally defensible

No matter how hard an interviewer tries not to let their moods, opinions, preconceptions, and preferences influence the interview process, they are only human. The Wonderlic Structured Behavioral Interview gives interviewers the information, training, and tools to conduct fair, objective and legally defensible interviews - no matter what the situation.

If you aren’t currently using a structured interview, or you’d like to improve your process, please contact us!

What’s Included

We start with a conversation. Your hiring personnel and one of our experienced consultants work together to analyze the positions you need help with. After a thorough job analysis is conducted, the final result is a structured interview for each position that provides:

  • Standardization, which alleviates unconscious biases in questions
  • Increased legal defensibility of your hiring process
  • Interview questions based on a professional job analysis (each interview will be created specifically for each job)
  • The ability to gather examples of candidates’ past behavior, which is the best predictor of future behavior
  • A guide that facilitates documentation of your candidates’ answers
  • A scoring matrix for each question which increase the objectivity of your interview process and create common ground for multi-rater situations

We also include:

  • Interviewer training that provides personnel with the knowledge and skills to properly implement the process.
  • Ongoing support from Wonderlic professionals ensuring optimal results.