For over 70 years, Wonderlic has been successfully helping employers in both business and education with employee selection. Wonderlic employee assessment tests help identify and select the most qualified job candidates. The knowledge and expertise we’ve acquired in working with tens of thousands of employers is unmatched in the industry. From screening thousands of applicants for multinational enterprises with hundreds of locations, to finding the perfect admissions representative for a local Community College, Wonderlic employment tests result in better hiring decisions.

A Comprehensive Library of Assessments

Wonderlic develops and delivers standardized, world-class employee assessments for each phase of the hiring process. Our employment tests include job-specific screening questionnairescognitive ability testsmotivation potential assessmentpersonality & integrity testsknowledge & skills tests and surveys. Used individually, these employee assessments provide valuable enhancements to an existing employee selection process. Combined, they efficiently gather relevant information and provide a comprehensive “whole person” view of candidate qualifications for efficient, objective employee selection.

Wonderlic employment tests are based on extensive research and are consistently updated to maintain relevancy in today’s fast-paced market. This provides employers with confidence that the tests will have a positive impact on their employment process:

Team of Experts

Wonderlic’s staff of professionals includes Ph.D.s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and experts in Employment Law. With over a century of combined experience, our staff of professionals strives to deliver employment solutions that are effective, efficient and defensible.

Job-Specific Scoring Ranges

The usefulness of an employee assessment is a combination of the quality of the test content and the manner in which the results are interpreted. Since different jobs require employees with different combinations of abilities, skills and personality characteristics, connecting the assessment to the job is key. That’s why Wonderlic provides job-specific scoring ranges for each assessment. 

Rapid Deployment and Responsive Customer Support

Whether you are proactively building a comprehensive hiring process or reacting to an unexpected vacancy, Wonderlic has the experience and expertise to make it happen. Our consultants can get clients up and running in just days, and our customer support team is just a phone call away to quickly answer questions and resolve issues.

User-Friendly Technology

Wonderlic Online is our secure, Internet-based platform that provides a quick and easy way to administer employee assessments, view score results and track candidate information. Simple “green/yellow/red” indicators quickly show how a candidate’s results compare to the ideal scoring range for a specific job. Sort and Filter tools make quick work of comparing candidates based on results.