• Quickly identify motivated self-starters
  • Avoid costly mis-hires and losses linked to underperforming employees
  • Identify candidates most likely to make positive, long-term contributions to your organization
  • Decrease employee absences and turnover rates
  • Helps create a company culture that values successful results

Motivated self-starters proactively and enthusiastically engage in their work to become your most productive employees. They are also less likely to miss work or quit their jobs. The Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment (MPA) measures seven key drivers of motivation and generates a score that indicates which candidates are most likely to possess that “can do” attitude and remain committed to individual and organizational success.


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Seven Motivational DRIVERS
The MPA assesses an applicant’s positive attachment and commitment to their work, team, supervisors and customers. The survey content focuses on seven specific DRIVERS of motivation that, when combined, form a holistic candidate profile and provide a score indicating the degree to which a given candidate is likely to succeed in a particular position.

FactorDescriptionLikely Perspective of High Scoring Candidate
DoerConfidence in ability to achieve exceptional resultsI actively seek ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of my work
RewardBelief in performance-based rewardsI will be fairly rewarded for achieving my objectives
InspiredReceptiveness to be positively influenced and develop skillsI am inspired by the work I do and the fulfillment of my goals
ValuesAbility to align actions with organization’s vision and core valuesMy organization and I share the same values
EnjoymentFinds pleasure and takes pride in performing work activitiesI speak highly of my job when talking to others
RelationshipsAbility to build strong connections at workI have a relationship with my supervisor which would be difficult to break
StayTendency toward long tenureI want to keep working for this organization for a long time


Fast Flexible Administration

  • Remote or on-site administration available
  • 30 response-scale questions
  • Untimed—approximate 5-10 minute completion
  • Immediate access to results
  • Sort and filter scores for added visibility
  • Intuitive, one-page report
  • Scoring for Seven DRIVERS of Motivation
  • Overall Motivation Potential Assessment Score
  • Color-coded “Job-Fit” indicator
  • Detailed Report Interpretation Summary

Client Stories

“Engage in your hiring process. Make Wonderlic a part of the process and it will pay off. Since using Wonderlic, our culture has improved and we are on track to double in size over the next year.”

“I am always looking for ways to improve what we do. If you have a limited amount of time and money to invest in people, you want to invest it where you have the best odds of success. So I invest in Wonderlic assessments.”

“Wonderlic helped us streamline the hiring process and get the best associates hired for each job...”

The WPT-R gives us indicators that they can “get it,” if they can put the pieces together and do the job... The CPP focuses on call courage and their ability to handle rejection and fit in with our team.”

“We can identify an aptitude for skill development and opportunity for growth.”

“It’s part of how we do recruiting now. We don’t want to do anything without seeing Wonderlic results first.”