Educational Benchmark Study Update: Questions Finalized and Surveys Deployed, Preliminary Findings

The Educational Benchmark Study by the Imagine America Foundation (IAF) and Wonderlic has been finalized and deployed to nearly 75,000 students and graduates across the nation, and data is beginning to pour in.

While results are very preliminary and data will continue to accumulate in the coming months, we took a quick peek at what the students shared with us about their experiences. One of the questions with measureable feedback is “Is the education worth the price?” In this initial query, we find the majority of students (79%) had positive or neutral feelings about the return on investment. 

Part of the purpose of this study is to find out what factors contribute to student engagement. One revealing factor we see so far is that when the student feels connected to the teacher (“My teacher knows my name”), they are more likely to see value in their education. 

If this trend remains steady as additional surveys arrive, it will provide prescriptive information to schools to help students get the maximum benefit from their education – e.g. get teachers to know their students’ names.

For more information on the Educational Benchmark study, please contact Ken Silber at or 800.977.1401.