Traditional reference checks are time consuming, and their conversational nature means they’re typically inconsistent. This makes it difficult to compare candidates, and oftentimes they don’t provide any meaningful insight on how a prospective employee will perform. Ultimately, they deliver minimal value when it comes to making a hiring decision and are often conducted to simply provide a defense against negligent hiring claims.

The new Wonderlic Automated Reference Check addresses these problems while providing critical performance insights.

It’s Like Reading Their Last Performance Review
What if you could take a look at your top candidates’ last performance reviews? Imagine the knowledge you might gain from knowing how previous supervisors rated them!

Often, a reference check just skims the surface. Former employers are reluctant to share meaningful information, and talking to friends and family won’t give you a complete picture of how the candidate performs on the job.

The Wonderlic Automated Reference Check lets you delve into each candidate’s past performance. Find out how they adapted to sudden priority shifts. Discover if they were an effective communicator. Learn how they handled angry customers, heavy workloads, and learning new tasks.


Remote Administration, Scoring and Results

  • References can be provided 24/7 from any computer with Internet access
  • References can provide feedback in 15 minutes or less
  • Results are available immediately in your Wonderlic Online account
  • Results from multiple references are combined into one overall score for the candidate
  • Quickly identify Cautionary, Acceptable, High and Top Performers, allowing you to focus on only the best candidates
  • Navigate from the overall result into specific results details as needed
  • Easily compare the references’ evaluations to the candidate’s own evaluation of their performance
  • Scores are based on:
    • Importance weighting of each competency
    • Your specific job requirements
    • Importance weighting of different reference relationships

Simple Record Management

  • Sort and filter tools enable you to quickly make decisions based on scores
  • Easily identify who has responded and who has yet to respond
  • Progress through your hiring process can be easily tracked

Detailed Reporting

  • Overall results are presented on the grid for easy sorting and filtering
  • Interactive results allow you to view the data you need, when you need it. Includes:
    • Overall evaluation from each reference
    • Overall evaluation for each competency
    • Individual reference evaluations of the candidate on each of the 12 competencies
  • View the candidate’s self evaluation results alongside the references’ results to quickly identify discrepancies

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Client Stories

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