While Medical Transcriptionists are not required to perform any direct clinical functions, they must have a comprehensive understanding of medical terminology, procedures and documents. A failure to accurately translate medical voice recordings made by physicians and other healthcare professionals can result in critical errors related to patient treatments and medical histories. The Medical Transcriptionist Assessment measures an individual’s ability to properly convert medical voice recordings into written reports. The test also measures competencies in interpreting medical terminology and abbreviations, identifying errors and inconsistencies in reporting and doing the required research to correct patients’ medical histories, discharge summaries, and other documents.

Recommended Competency Modules
The Quality Care Inventory (QCI) Medical Transcriptionist Assessment covers the following position-specific competency modules:

  • Professionalism
  • Medical Terminology
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • PHI Law and Ethics
  • Abbreviations and acronyms
  • Difficult and commonly confused medical terms
  • Transcribing letters and business documents
  • Transcribing History and Physical Exams
  • Transcribing Progress and SOAP notes
  • QA and Corrections
  • Transcribing drug terminology
  • Transcribing hematology testing terms
  • Transcribing terms for imaging studies
  • Transcribing terms, symbols and abbreviations for testing, diagnosing and treating pulmonary and respiratory diseases and infections

Tailor assessments for your practice
While the Medical Transcriptionist Assessment includes a core set of recommended competency modules that are common to this job title, we recognize that each practice is unique and may have its own expectations about the responsibilities assigned to this role. Therefore, competency modules can be added or removed to tailor the assessment for your practice’s specific hiring and/or training needs.

About the QCI
Whether your practice is hiring to fill open allied health positions or exploring training and development opportunities for existing employees, ensuring that every member of your staff can perform their jobs at a high level is the key to realizing your practice’s productivity potential.

Wonderlic’s Quality Care Inventory (QCI) is a suite of interactive assessments that measure job specific knowledge and skills for a variety of allied health roles. Using the QCI to help identify and develop your team is a smart investment that will help you in your ongoing efforts to increase:

  • Patient Satisfaction—Quality service along with reduced errors and wait times instill confidence, which drives patient retention, referrals, growth and pay-for-performance carrier reimbursements.
  • Revenue and Reimbursements—More effective hiring and training efforts result in increased patient volume and decreased billing and coding errors as well as reimbursement cycle times.
  • Legal Defensibility—Hiring decisions that include valid, objective, professionally developed assessment results significantly increase their legal defensibility.
  • Profitability—When you have the ability to identify and hire top talent quickly and efficiently, and to reduce training times by pinpointing specific areas of need, you can build a team capable of driving profitability, even in today’s challenging healthcare environment.

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Assessment Question Types

  • Realistic scenarios featuring illustrations and audio
  • Matching terms and definitions using drag and drop functionality
  • Fill in the blank – with audio
  • Fill in the blank – prose
  • Multi-select – with audio
  • Multiple choice – with audio
  • Sorting cards into categories – including visual
  • Completing forms