Wonderlic's QCI suite currently includes tests for the following position-specific assessments:

Medical Assistant
Nursing Assistant
Medical Biller and Coder
Patient Care Technician/Orderly
Medical Transcriptionist
EKG Technician
HIPAA Compliance 


As enrollment in the Affordable Care Act accelerates, healthcare providers are preparing for both the growing influx of newly insured patients and the ever-increasing demand for greater financial efficiency. 

Concurrently, the U.S. Department of Labor forecasts an increased demand for healthcare professionals and support staff.  In order to provide the quantity and quality of care required to meet these increasing demands, healthcare employers must acquire more efficient and effective processes in the selection, training, and development of their staff.

Higher quality staff translates to:

Patient Satisfaction
Patient satisfaction has direct impact on patient volume and subsequent pay-for-performance reimbursements. Patients who are satisfied with their care are more likely to return for future services, refer their friends and family and, as such, are essential to practice growth and viability.  Additionally, patient experience survey results influence both Value-Based Purchasing Program and private carrier reimbursements.

Using the Quality Care Inventory (QCI) to ensure that your new hires and existing staff possess the knowledge necessary to deliver quality care can help your practice improve patient satisfaction by:

  • Increasing service quality
  • Reducing scheduling errors, miscommunication and wait times
  • Instilling patient trust and confidence
  • Reducing errors, accidents, infections and readmissions

Revenue and Reimbursements
Diminishing reimbursements have magnified the importance of increasing patient volume, billing and coding in an accurate and timely manner and improving operating efficiency.

Using the QCI to help hire only the most qualified candidates and to pinpoint post hire training efforts can positively impact revenue and reimbursement by:

  • Increasing patient loyalty and referrals
  • Improving patient throughput
  • Optimizing the accuracy and amount of reimbursable fees
  • Reducing billing errors and reimbursement time

The Legal Defensibility of Hire/No-Hire Decisions
According to the Norton Rose Fulbright 10th Annual Litigation Trends Survey (2013), labor and employment matters are the most common basis of litigation pending against US companies in the past 12 months.  This is not particularly surprising considering that 93,727 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints were filed in fiscal year 2013.

Using the QCI to help objectively, fairly and accurately select qualified employees can significantly increase the legal defensibility of your hiring decisions:

  • Questions are relevant and timely
  • Hiring knowledgeable healthcare professionals is a business-necessity
  • Decisions that include valid, objective, professionally developed assessment results are typically the easiest to defend 

Healthcare providers nationwide are seeking new and innovative ways to improve quality of care, accountability and profitability.  While there is a myriad of approaches to accomplish these goals, all are contingent on the capabilities of team members who are responsible for achieving them.

The QCI can help you build and develop a team that is capable of implementing the new marketing initiatives, service and business practices and efficiencies that are required to drive profitability in today’s challenging healthcare environment by:

  • Enhancing your ability to identify and select top talent
  • Reducing the amount of time it takes to fill job openings 
  • Reducing training time and cost by pinpointing and addressing specific needs
  • Improving employee morale by hiring and developing strong, capable team members

Whether your organization is expanding or replacing ongoing job vacancies, identifying and selecting skilled, knowledgeable employees has become more important today than ever before.  That’s why Wonderlic’s QCI should be a part of your hiring and employee development process.

The QCI can be configured as both a ready-to-use standardized assessment or as an adaptable tailored assessment. For employers seeking relatively common job responsibilities, we have assembled standardized position-specific assessments using competencies that are rated as “extremely important” by our employer pool subject matter experts. 

For employers with relatively unique or blended job responsibilities, the adaptability of the QCI system enables us to quickly assemble tailored assessments to meet these specific needs and goals. The QCI system has hundreds of topic modules available for this purpose.


Purpose of the QCI
The QCI is a job-specific, interactive suite of assessments designed to enhance hiring and/or current employee training and development decisions.  When used for hiring purposes, the QCI helps to ensure that applicants possess the job knowledge required for their specific allied health profession prior to receiving a job offer.  For current employees, the QCI can be used to pinpoint those areas where additional training and development may be needed.

Benefits of the QCI
Using the QCI to help identify and develop your team is a smart investment that will help you in your ongoing efforts to increase:

  • Patient satisfaction
  • Revenue and reimbursements
  • The legal defensibility of hire/no-hire decisions
  • Profitability

QCI Development
Thousands of community and career college educators use Wonderlic Tests (e.g. Scholastic Level Exam, Wonderlic Basic Skills Test, Direct Assessments of Learning Outcomes and Employer Satisfaction of Graduates Survey) to help them select, place and monitor student performance in a wide variety of career and technical education (CTE) programs.  As a result, we have a unique and robust understanding of allied health programs:

  • Curriculum
  • Course Learning Objectives
  • Student Learning Outcomes
  • Graduation and Job Placement Rates
  • Employer Job-Knowledge Expectations

By collaborating with our extensive network of career educators and the employers who hire their graduates, we have identified the areas and levels of job knowledge that are most important for each position and incorporated these into the QCI. Click here to watch a video about the QCI process.

Item Types
QCI competency modules focus on the practical application of knowledge and skills versus academic or theoretical knowledge.  The content reflects the actual day-to-day tasks and people skills necessary to excel in the position using engaging, interactive topics that simulate actual job situations. Click here to view QCI sample items

QCI results are available immediately upon test completion. Comprehensive results can be viewed at the individual, position, department or institutional level.  Click here to view sample QCI results.

Validity and Legal Defensibility
Developed by Wonderlic in collaboration with hundreds of subject matter experts from community colleges, career colleges and allied-heath employers, the QCI provides employers with a demonstrably comprehensive, validated and legally defensible assessment of job knowledge.

QCI Assessment Competency Modules and Tailored Assessments
The adaptability of the QCI system permits us to quickly assemble tailored assessments to meet your specific needs and goals. Our team of Industrial/Organizational professionals are available to help you select the most appropriate QCI Assessment topic modules and deploy your tailored QCI Assessment(s). Click here to view a complete list of our assessment competency modules and recommended professions.


Why did Wonderlic develop QCI?            
We recognize the impact that healthcare reform is having on the demand for qualified allied health professionals. Wonderlic is uniquely positioned to develop assessments based on the relationships we have with thousands of community and career colleges and the employers who hire their allied healthcare graduates.

Is Wonderlic really the best organization to develop QCI?            
Yes.   Wonderlic is uniquely qualified to develop QCI based on our unparalleled test development expertise AND our extensive relationships with career educators and employers. 

For which allied health professions are QCIs available?  
View the current list of available QCI professions here.

Are additional QCIs being developed?   
At present, we are releasing one QCI program every two months. We welcome your recommendations on development prioritization.

Who should use QCI?    
QCI is designed for use by any organization that hires, places or employs individuals in the QCI – relevant professions.

We already have third party testing. Why would we need QCI? 
You should consider QCI if your current assessment does not offer the same or higher levels of employer alignment, tailored quality and online administration/reporting capabilities.

What's the difference between QCI and certification exams?    
Unlike certification exams that merely provide a “pass/fail” or single score result, the QCI report evaluates and describes 20+ specific areas of critical candidate job knowledge and skill.

How long does it take to administer QCI?             
QCI administration time varies based on the number of competency modules included in the assessment.

How do you keep the QCI current with changes in the industry?               
Wonderlic has established a network of healthcare subject matter experts.  This network reviews all QCI content.

How long does it take to get QCI set-up?             
We can set up your hiring managers to administer and interpret the QCI in as little as one day.

When should QCI be administered?       
The QCI should be administered to candidates on site and prior to making a job offer.  Employees can be administered the QCI at any time.

What technology is necessary to administer the QCI and view QCI results?          
QCI administration and report access requires a personal computer with Internet access.  For more information, view our Tech Specs.

Who has access to QCI results? 
You determine access rights. Any stakeholder with access approval may view scores and reporting immediately upon QCI completion by an individual, class, program, or institution.