The Hay Aptitude Test Battery consists of three tests designed to help identify individuals who can work quickly and accurately with alphabetical and numerical detail. These alpha numeric tests are useful for positions where employees must continuously strike a balance between speed and accuracy, such as bookkeepers, data entry operators, cashiers, order entry processors and tellers. Measuring perceptual skills as part of your hiring process can help reduce document errors and data processing time by eliminating discrepancies.

Studies conducted at major banks, insurance companies and publishers have demonstrated a direct relationship between perceptual skills and job performance.

The Hay Aptitude Test Battery consists of a warm-up test and three short alpha numeric tests that assess short-term memory, accuracy, numerical comprehension and logical thinking. The tests may be purchased and administrated individually or as a battery. The three tests are:

  • 4-Minute Number Perception Test
  • 4-Minute Name Finding Test
  • 4-Minute Number Series Completion Test


The Hay Aptitude Test Battery supports quicker and better informed hiring decisions in today’s fast-paced market:

Individual Tests

  • Reduce test-taker anxiety
  • Assess short term memory, accuracy with alphanumeric detail, numerical comprehension and logical thinking

No Technology Required

  • Tests are administered on paper
  • Scored via template key


Score guidelines are included in the user’s manual.

Client Stories

“By using the Wonderlic Hay Aptitude Test Battery, we can isolate people who have the ability to work with numbers.”

“Being able to hire the right people from the outset has been a great help.”

“This test helps us so much in the long run because we can avoid the problems caused by inaccuracies and focus on providing outstanding customer service.”

“We consider Wonderlic an important part of the company.”

“The Wonderlic test scores show us who falls in line with other people in the same positions.”