• Save time by pre-qualifying candidates before onsite interviews
  • Ideal for testing entry level candidates on verbal and math skills
  • Ensure new hires have effective written communication/email skills
  • Avoid hiring those most likely to make costly mathematical mistakes
  • Helps predict overall productivity of new hires

Evaluating basic skills from afar has never been easier! The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test – Non Proctored (WBST-NP) was created specifically for online administration to allow for fast and easy evaluation of your candidates 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

The WBST-NP is a short-form measure of basic verbal and quantitative skills that is designed to assess work-readiness for entry-level jobs. By selecting individuals who have the ability to handle the requirements of the job or program, training time and turnover can be reduced. This basic skills test is useful for positions where job duties include mathematical calculations, written skills or oral communication skills.

Verbal areas evaluated include:Quantitative areas evaluated include:
  • Word Knowledge
  • Sentence Construction
  • Information Retrieval
  • Explicit Quantitative Skills
  • Applied Quantitative Skills
  • Interpretive Quantitative Skills

The verbal and quantitative portions of this test are available individually or as a set.
In addition to its usefulness in employee selection, this basic skills test is ideal for determining program eligibility and outcomes, and for helping verify that all employees have the basic skills to participate effectively in the International Organization for Standardization (IOS) and other quality assurance initiatives.


Remote Administration, Scoring and Results

  • Tests can be taken 24/7 from any computer with Internet access 
  • Results are available immediately in your Wonderlic Online account
  • Designed for non proctored administration (calculators are permitted)

Program and Job Specific Scoring

  • Scores are based on:
    • The job competencies
    • Your curriculum
    • Your program needs
  • Item Response Theory (IRT) scoring uses a holistic view of the candidate’s response pattern to help ensure integrity of the results

Simple Record Management

  • Sort and filter tools enable you to quickly make decisions based on scores
  • Progress through your admissions or hiring process can be easily tracked

Detailed Reporting

  • Easy to interpret two-page report provides instructional needs for the development of training programs, study plans, tutoring, remediation and placement
  • Our simple, two-color system—Green and Red—indicates applicant suitability compared to the ideal scores for the job or educational program

20 Minute Administration per Test

  • 50 questions English
  • 45 questions math