Our employee personality assessments and integrity tests measure personal characteristics that are widely accepted as being predictive of a candidate’s expected job performance. With over 70 years of research, these tests have an extensive track record of helping employers match job candidates to compatible positions and training programs.

By using our job personality tests to select individuals whose traits are aligned with the demands of the position, you can improve employee productivity, satisfaction and engagement while reducing customer service complaints, recruitment costs and employee turnover.

Our integrity tests are designed to measure productivity and identify individuals who are likely to be low-risk employees. These reliability tests are useful when candidates have little to no prior work experience and have access to company vehicles, equipment, cash and merchandise, or perform their job with little direct supervision. By using integrity tests as part of your employee selection process, you can quickly and objectively identify conscientious and service-oriented candidates who will have a low likelihood of turnover.

Our personality and integrity tests provide proven, legally defensible results that can be used for both hiring and training purposes.

Test NameDescription
Personal Characteristics Inventory® (PCI)


  • Uses the Big Five personality model
  • Measures workplace personality traits that are predictive of job performance
Comprehensive Personality Profile® (CPP®)


  • Measures seven primary and ten secondary traits
  • Ideal for employees in client-facing positions
Wonderlic Productivity Index® (WPI®)


  • Predicts a candidate’s likelihood of counterproductive behavior
  • Based on 3 main productivity traits: Conscientiousness, Stability and Agreeableness
Wonderlic Productivity Index® - Background Questionnaire


  • Determines whether a job candidate has the right combination of personality traits to become a productive, low-risk employee
  • Based on 3 main productivity traits: Conscientiousness, Stability and Agreeableness
  • Includes additional items that uncover self-reported behavioral risk