• Improve your team’s reliability and productivity
  • Helps reduce counterproductive work behavior
  • Supports decreases in employee turnover
  • Helps reduce recruitment costs

The Wonderlic Productivity Index (WPI) is an employee reliability test that helps employers quickly determine whether a candidate has the right combination of personality traits to become a productive, low-risk employee.

This employee reliability test is based on three core personality dimensions that have strong implications for employee productivity: Conscientiousness, Stability and Agreeableness. Areas evaluated include:

  • Overall Personal Productivity
  • Work Effort and Persistence
  • Service and Support
  • Counterproductive Work Behavior
  • Turnover

Scores in the Moderate or Poor range for any scale automatically generate structured interview questions as part of the results report.

This reliability test is useful when candidates have little to no prior work experience, and will have access to company equipment, cash and merchandise, and perform their jobs with little direct supervision.


The Wonderlic Productivity Index may be used for hiring, development and promotion purposes. Features include:

Job-Specific Scoring Ranges

  • 700 job profiles are available in our comprehensive Job Index Engine
  • Custom job profiles can be created by our team of Industrial/Organizational professionals

Two Administration Methods Available

  • Online administration, scoring and reporting
    • Remote or on-site from any computer with Internet connectivity
    • Individual or group administration
    • Results are available in minutes
  • Paper and pencil testing
    • Fax back or template scoring
    • Includes step by step administration guide
    • Individual or group administration

Intuitive Results Report

  • Easy-to-interpret one-page report
  • Our simple, three-color system—Green, Yellow and Red—indicates candidate suitability compared to the ideal scoring ranges for that position

Color-Coded Graphs Show Candidate Results on Five Scales

  • Personal Productivity Score
  • Work Effort and Persistence
  • Service and Support
  • Counterproductive Behavior
  • Turnover Risk

Simple Candidate Record Management in Wonderlic Online

  • Sort and filter tools enable you to quickly rank, order and prioritize candidates based on scores
  • Candidate progression through your hiring process can be easily tracked 

Client Stories

“Wonderlic is great, and the customer service is exceptional. I would recommend them to anyone.”

“The tests help us be more selective. If they were only available in English it would eliminate half of my employee population.”

"The sky is the limit and without Wonderlic none of this could have happened."

“Almost immediately after we started using Wonderlic we noticed the caliber of people increased.”

“The Wonderlic Productivity Index tells me what their work habits are going to be... something you really can’t tell in an interview.”

“When we implemented the Wonderlic tests we saw a dramatic improvement in our hiring process.”